Begin - Love Interlude

Here’s the new summer installed track by Manchester based producer James Holroyd aka Begins. Love Interlude is flourishing a house-y, beach vibed soulful chillness and builts a steadily increasing addictive groove that raises up the temperature in heights that could shout red alert! Another impressive sample of James Holroyd's never ending skills!


Daniel Wilson - Young Rubbish

Daniel Wilson's Young Rubbish EP is one of the best releases of 2014, thus far! After we acknowledge this and leave out any doubts regarding this, it’s time to let yourself loose to his amazing sounds! The Detroit based producer/vocalist knows how to play with the use of minimal electronics and his spellbinding soulful falsetto, only to create honest and perfectly crafted pop songs in the vein of Arthur Russel's chaotic mystique! The self titled song Young Rubbish is here to break any doubts!

Daniel Wilson's EP is out now and you can purchase it over here!


Goldbloc - Black Gold

It’s been like a month since Boston based duo Goldbloc released their new single Black Gold and i’m not sure why i didn’ post this until now! Goldbloc have been under my radar since Runaway and Days Are Deaming, where their twisted and intriguing futuristic soul/R&B enslaved my senses with disarming honestly! Now, Black Gold brought down the heavenly sinister vibes to shake the downtempo groove of pop sensational with its soothing, late night rhythm!!!! Ace….


Renee Dion & Jon Rogers - 51st & Cornell

Vocalist Renee Dion and producer Jon Rogers teamed up for what it seems to be one of the best underground soul albums of the year. Moonlight LP opens with the hypnotizing night tale of 51st & Cornell, a Sade inspired sensual R&B and Rhye's contemporary minimal soul matching that charms with Dion's night veiled vocals and Rogers's smoky electrified production. A little treat to serve all the goosebumps you need so to move on and passionately drink Moonlight like a thirsty, dehydrated body!

Moonlight is available in digital format and limited edition cd at duo’s bandcamp page.


Mizan - Anxious

Better late than never! Anyone who first said this, was a freakin’ genius! New York based artist Mizan felt revolutionary from listen number one. Anxious is a darkened R&B little masterpiece that drags you in a world where the groove blackens and still sparkles through dazzlingly effects. And what groove there is! Mizan's rich, blinding voice carries the vagrant experience of a street walker while the sonic carpet that wraps her spellbinding vocals has this Quadron meets Rhye (i know that Robin Hannibal evolves in both!) velvet-ish yet urban emotions of warm solitude! Stream it above, watch while capturing the essence in the video below and click here to purchase her debut EP, Dark Blue.


Supernightmoves - How Soon Is Now?

No, this isn’t a cover. Nor a sample has been used from one of The Smiths most well known songs. Lyon based producer Supernightmoves just used it as a reference to unfold his tinkling dancely grooves and disco inferno vibes over an overwhelming soulful vocal line, just so to make your body move and your heart fluttered!!! A shiny piece of subterranean tune, so well produced and placed on the floor that will get you moving!!!


Goldbloc - Days Are Dreaming

This duo is steadily evolving in a special case full of intriguing sounds! Goldbloc just delivered a new song, the gorgeous Days Are Dreaming where Solei’s deeply soulful vocals and Goldenhaus's Bristol-ian downtempo production come face to face in this electronc pop nest. It's like Little Dragon decided to go dusty in their core and enrich their groove with salty tears! Gorgeous!!!


Mattheu - Sanguine

Impressive debut release by Manhattan based electronic soul artist Mattheu. In Sanguine Mattheu moves with grace and beauty in the same paths that Disclosure, Rhye and James Blake have once walked. With an undoubtedly souful tone in his voice and a sensual R&B-ish production flourishing in a late night sexual mood, Sanguine proves that the N.Y vocalist/producer knows the game of seduction between the keys of his magical tunes and fairly demands to learn his name!

Virgin EP will drop anytime soon.


Glass Caverns - Fire And Wheel

Brack Cantrell breaths with the sounds of the past and along with his moniker Glass Caverns decided to give birth to The Age Of Waste. The Denton, Texas based musician goes for a psychedelic pop ride with some northern soul and funk twists inside its raw garage attitude. Just like the powerful beauty of Fire And Wheel, where Cantrell pins a groovy energy inside its fierceful tunes of ’60s inspired pop thrillness! Stream it above and head over here to listen to the whole album!


Goldbloc - Runaway

Producer Goldenhaus and vocalist Soleil make an irresistible match as Goldbloc under these rainy soulful beat drops. On Runaway he paves a hip hop attended and soul bouncy carpet of extremely addicted sounds while she dives into a Beth Orton reminiscent vocal labyrinth of melancholy that pulls you in with no chance of getting out! A crying groove of crystalized soulful pop to get you through the holidays!


Saes - Ether

Los Angeles via Orlando boy/girl duo Saes hooked my heart and soul with their new song Ether. j and m obviously know what they’re doing. Their minimalistic approach in pop music carries a late night vibe and walks through paves of reverbed r&b, deconstructed electronic pop and soulful tropical jams reminiscent to xx's sound but way more groovier! Ether is a song that many well known bands would kill for to write but lack of creatvity don’t let themĀ  to do so! Play it on repeat and keep your eyes open ‘cause 2014 could be their year!


Sharkara - Motherland feat. Jason Nemor

From the cool Norway comes the warmest soul music you’ll get to hear recently! Oslo based producer Sharkara delivers a classic sound from the late ’70s with the only difference that is captured and produced at the end of 2013. The sensual male, Isaac Hayes alike, vocals and the sexy blaxploited production flourishes a more than welcome adorable sound to stuck on repeat for the rest of the year!!!


Willow Smith - Summer Fling (Jeremiah Meece Edit)

This is the first time that Chicago based producer Jeremiah Meece, one half of the production duo The-Drum and JODY, releases something under his birth name moniker. His edit on Willow Smith's Summer Fling is a sun dazed r&b delight that boils a chill out vibe of a hot and hazy summer, leading into a slow match dance under the stary night!

So stream this little gem above, visit his page here to download it for free and look for the first single of original music off of his debut solo album within the next couple of months.


Noble Youth - Nothing

Noble Youth's music has a familiar feeling… deconstructed! It's pop music separated in little pieces but geniusly puzzled under the unique orchestration of this young (based in the states) producer's clever eye. Nothing is an ambitious effort of James Blake's minimal autotuned black soul and Beach House's calmed folk power flying in grey skies, creating a sense of wonder and surprise from note one! It's a marriage that walks in unexpected paths but carries so much passion and brains that leaves you speachless!!!

Promise Ring EP is available for downoad now on Noble Youth's bandcamp page.


Lost In The Ark: A Mixtape By Sound Injections

So, it’s Saturday! Here’s a little mixtape to set your mood for the weekend with a little bit of…… everything! Hope you enjoy it!!!!!

Al Green - Something/Oso Gato - Pondering/Freelove Fenner - Do Not Affect A Breezy Manner/Pastel - Hold Me/Turtle - Opposite Of Low/Visioneers - Ike’s Mood/Grant Lazlo - The Traveling Man’s Tale/Rebinski - Scarecrow/Frank Ocean - Lost/Seance Center - La Chinoise/Ace Gear -Karstula/Paradise’s Deep Groove - Inner Mind/Janet - Shouldn’t

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