Cocktails - Tough Love

It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with the guitar driven hooks on Tough Love. San Francisco based band Cocktails are set to release their debut LP, Adult Life, on June 17th via Father/Daughter Records and now it seemed to be the perfect time so to drop the sunny power pop/garage gem that sums up their philosophy! A philosophy that takes us back in the late ’70s where songwriting was so intimate and passionate and the only aim was to frame the perfect pop song! A punky yet in a way funky ride that leaves the feeling of a sweaty t-shirt stuck on the body after a crowd dancing festy activity! 

Oliver Summers - Earl’s Court

Some of the words that could describe the song Earl’s Court from London based vocalist/producer Oliver Summers could easily be the words: mesmerizing, startling, hazy. But these are just words! Here this young producer begins a journey that blends SOHN's sophisticated electronic pop, Junior Boys's synthetic groove and James Blake's minimalism just before he leaves it all behind and unfolds an acoustic tropical guitar driven seizure that could imprison all your cold emotions!

Earl’s Court is part of Body/Soul (Part 1) EPwhich dropped earlier today.

ALECS - Prove

London’s Alex Treharne aka ALECS dropped his new summerish and luminous R&B/pop single, Prove. While straightly inspired by Weeknd’s melodic lines, ALECS goes deeper into the ’90s and fishes a catchy and memorable sound that marks a bigger than life sensation through the erotic vibes of his soulful falsetto! 

Viet Sign - Welcome

Newport based producer Gareth Young aka Viet Sign (better known for his work in the electronic duo Jewellers) released his debut effort in the form of Welcome! This tasteful track surprises with its jazz noir colors that the sound of the sax is so proudly bursting by the ingenious sampling from Eric Hopton's and Simon D’souza's music! Viet Sign strengthens the backbone with an addictive kraut disco beat and encloses all the smoked funk groove into a flawless three and a half minute space travelogue! The beauty of the day lies in here!

Sum Comfort - Serena High (feat. Jordan James)

Stockholm based duo Sum Comfort brought down the sensual night with their mesmerizing new song Serena High. Along with the help of Jordan James on vocals, Serena High is elevated in a Sade inspired R&B/pop sensation written in a slow motion speed and proudly stands besides the twisted erotic sounds of inc and FKA twigs. A smokey, hazy veil of sensual element flourished by the productive perfection of this startling duo….

Soda Shop - Take My Breath Away (Berlin Cover)

It’s always nice to listen to classics with an intriguing twist! New York’s Soda Shop did a sunny, shiny cover on Berlin's classic Take My Breath Away. Played with a tropical, dream/psych pop character, Soda Shop pleasantly reanimated the Top Gun's riding hit and gave to it a playful pop palette so to listen over and over again….

WIFE - Heart Is A Far Light

With production duties from The Haxan Cloak, lie, Roly Porter and himself, James Kelly aka WIFE is ready to release his debut LP entitled ‘What’s Between’ via the always magical TriAngle Records and just before that he throw us a little gem just to make us even more anxious! Heart Is A Far Light is a pop in heart and style exploration of the electronic instrumentation that pushes its boundaries until the edge of the cliff with its darkened and mystique R&B sensuality! Perfect from start to finish!

Modern English - Life In The Gladhouse (FH Rework)

Modern English's Life In The Gladhouse gets an intriguing, groovy, electro-kraut rework from my favorite Greek producer Fantastikoi Hxoi! With elements riding on ’70s space disco’s back and on synth waving board, FH recreates a classic for a parallel universe! No wonder why James Holden shakes the dancefloors with it in his sets!!!!!

The Seed Coat - Follow That Bird

I’ve been a huge fan of Alexander Eldefor's music project The Seed Coat for more than a year now and, damn, this guy is getting better and better! His new album entitled Adolescence is the kind of neo-psychedelic pop noir that you need to listen, the kind that’s been missed! Drawing inspiration from the space adventures of the ’90s (think Spiritualized) and of course the ’70s, Follow That Bird drags the choreographic pigeonhole style in a way that can be marked as his own signature, a nearly perfect in its blue mood sample of psychedelic pop/rock romance with its space/kraut synths craving the stardom!

Adolescence LP is out now on The Seed Coat's bandcamp page.

After Eating - For Daisy (Pretty Brown Eyes)

Brooklyn based producer After Eating serves a groovy, summer washed, disco sampled pop with For Daisy (Pretty Brown Eyes). A bouncy, soulful and dreamy affair of nostalgic synth lines and sparkling disco beats that brings the smell of a hazy summer in front of your door step! Chilling in its coolness, this is the sign to start gathering the soundtrack for the hot months that are about to follow!

Eagles For Hands - Handprints

Brighton based producer Eagles For Hands has finally a physical release coming on April 13th via Space + Time Records, the 'Handprints/Glitteral' single. Listen to the mind blowing little snippet of the dancing tornado that listens to the name Handprints and stay alert until the full song drops!!!!

Eagle For Hands will be playing at Plissken Festival in Athens, Greece on June 6th and above you can listen the reason why you shouldn’t lose his set!!!

Begin - Love Interlude

Here’s the new summer installed track by Manchester based producer James Holroyd aka Begins. Love Interlude is flourishing a house-y, beach vibed soulful chillness and builts a steadily increasing addictive groove that raises up the temperature in heights that could shout red alert! Another impressive sample of James Holroyd's never ending skills!

Sunni Colon - Eternal Flowers

Los Angeles based singer/rapper/producer Sonni Colon shares thrills and shivers with his new, stunning track Eternal Flowers. The piano driven keys lay out a smokey, atmospheric intro with Colon’s alluring vocals bringing the shades of grey it needs just before the sampled vocals and tribal percussion drop and launch this track into space!!!! Definitely your track of the day!!!

Minni Lovelle - Don’t Forget About Me (Simple Minds Cover)

Britain’s heartbreaking, soothing electronic pop darling Minni Lovelle did a disarming, hazy cover on Simple Minds classic Don’t Forget About Me. Walking in the same lane as Banks, Lovelle unlocks the door of sensuality and creates a cloudy yet sensational R&B infused sound that fits perfectly to these grey days of Spring!

Daniel Wilson - Young Rubbish

Daniel Wilson's Young Rubbish EP is one of the best releases of 2014, thus far! After we acknowledge this and leave out any doubts regarding this, it’s time to let yourself loose to his amazing sounds! The Detroit based producer/vocalist knows how to play with the use of minimal electronics and his spellbinding soulful falsetto, only to create honest and perfectly crafted pop songs in the vein of Arthur Russel's chaotic mystique! The self titled song Young Rubbish is here to break any doubts!

Daniel Wilson's EP is out now and you can purchase it over here!